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My Top 10 Favorite Apps

I had been meaning to blog about my favorite apps for quite a while now, but I kept putting it aside for the same reason I don’t clean my room when I need to. Hehe. But then yesterday, I saw Lauren Conrad post hers on her blog and I got the push I needed!

So, anyway, here’s my list in random order!

1. Instagram

I first used Instagram 63 weeks ago (says my first ever Instagrammed photo), and have loved it ever since!

I know some people say it’s hipster yada yada but I don’t really care. For me, Instagram was one of the first user-friendly apps with photo filters to come out and have nicely grown into a huge photo-sharing community. So, honestly, what’s not to love?

2. Pink Pad

This app comes in handy when your appetite gets wilder than ever and wish you had PMS so you’ll have a scapegoat and then, boom, you find out you actually do have PMS! 

Ok, you see, that’s my PMS talking. Hehe. Let’s blame all the wrong/weird things we do on it! :p

P.S. Buy the full version so you can ditch this very pink and cluttered theme. Check out the other themes they offer here.

3. Battery Doctor

I hear this doctor is supposed to prolong the lifespan of your battery, and if that is true, then how can I not make it my favorite? 

4. Stanza

Best e-book reader I have so far, mostly because I get to adjust the brightness of the screen by running my finger up or down the page.

5. Path

I don’t know a lot of people on Path yet, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. But, anyway, I like it because it’s Twitter, Instagram, FourSquare, and Soundtracking all in one app!

6. Pic Stitch

Because I’m a fan of 1 & 5, Pic Stitch becomes a necessity!

7. Unspeakable

The handiest version of Taboo so far, with a built-in timer and score sheet for two teams.


I think the photo says enough. ;)


I use this to help myself fall asleep sometimes. And I think what I like about the most is that it’s really like TV! No need to load the video whatsoever!

10. YouVersion Bible

I know there are other good Bible apps out there, but YouVersion provides (or used to provide?) New Living Translation for free! That said, I get to read this even when I’m offline. 

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