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Lunch in a box - but not really

I’ve only been to Toast Box thrice so far, but all in the same month of May. And the thing is, the more I indulge myself in their treats, the more I fall in love with them. I’d think that once I satisfied my cravings for the time being, that they’d go away. But no, they persist nevertheless! It’s like love - I just can’t get enough of it! Hahaha. Well, not really, but you get my point. Hehe.

So today, as I’ve found out my beloved Toast Box has opened a new branch along Rizal Drive in Bonifacio Global City, I followed my stomach yet again and had lunch there with my mom. :> And here’s what we had:

My mom ordered their Singaporean fish ball soup, which she liked a lot due to the fine texture of the balls, and an iced lemon tea. While I… I went there primarily for their cold milk tea, which was awesome as always. For a moment, I wish it was bottomless but that wouldn’t be healthy at all, so nevermind. Along with my precious beverage, I had two toasts: french and horlicks. I knew I could afford to order an extra, since I was with my mom and for those who know my mom, I need not explain further. Haha.

Their french toast has never failed me in those three times I’ve ordered it. It’s not at all sweet like the kind of french toast I’m used to. And although I’ve never and don’t plan on finishing the entire toast as it is deep-friend and I’m not exactly a big fan of anything fried, I still appreciate it a lot. And I personally think it’s a perfect match to any of their sweet drinks!

So far, I’ve also tasted their fresh iced lemonade, hot Milo and Milo dinosaur - all of which were great! But I have a sweet tooth, so I’ll probably always give ‘great’ adjectives to any sugary drinks. :p But, in spite of my sugar addiction, I wouldn’t say I’d order their horlicks toast again. No, it wasn’t bad at all. It was good, actually. I just found it a little too tasty. Maybe if they put only half of the condensed milk, I’d like it better. 

Among their thick toast selections, I’ve also tried their chocolate one. It was good, too, but their french toast has my loyalty so far. I wonder if their peanut butter toast will top that on my next visit… ;)

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