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Friday Favorites

1. Wonder how it’ll be if we assign kids to write scripts for adults? Watch this and find out!

Original source:

"Umm, I need to sell, uh, a penguin." “A real penguin or a pet penguin?” “A pet penguin.” Aaah, I die of their cuteness!

2. A wine lover? Check out this list and tell me which one is your favorite.

 This one’s mine:


Vino2Go Portable Wine Glass

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Crazy Cat (Original)

I know I drive you upside down and inside out
I know I tell tales about what freaks you out
I know sometimes I see things in pink not white

Cause I’m a crazy cat

Yeah I’m a crazy cat

I jump around your books
I don’t care about my looks
I cause chaos like a clown

Cause I’m a crazy crazy cat

But when you’re tired and feeling blue
I will curl up next to you