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Friday Favorites

1. Wonder how it’ll be if we assign kids to write scripts for adults? Watch this and find out!

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"Umm, I need to sell, uh, a penguin." “A real penguin or a pet penguin?” “A pet penguin.” Aaah, I die of their cuteness!

2. A wine lover? Check out this list and tell me which one is your favorite.

 This one’s mine:


Vino2Go Portable Wine Glass

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If there is one thing I would ask of you today, it is to watch Stuck in Love. Here’s the trailer to lure you in. 

I know the title reeks of insane cheesiness but when you actually dive into it, you find out that the title doesn’t do the story justice. 

And because I fell in love with the movie so much—and this happens rarely these days, I will tolerate the urge to talk about it more than you’d like to hear about it. :D

Here’s a list of what I liked about the movie:


  • "I remember it hurt. Looking at her hurt." If that’s not a gripping intro, then I do not know what is.
  • You know how some movies attempt to do a Love Actually format, where it’s about intertwined lives and romances? Usually, by trying to fit so many stories in one movie, they fall short in the way their characters blossom and most times, their connectedness appears to be forced. But not this one. Somewhat like Crazy Stupid Love, this is a movie about family, too. Except that this is much more profound, and much more real. No photoshopped abs whatsoever. Haha.
  • I loved how they used “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros as their music to the opening scene. Well, at first, it didn’t feel like a perfect fit but later on, when they used it again, it finally made sense. The kind of sense that words can’t really express. The kind that only your heart can understand once you see it for yourself.
  • Logan Lerman. Who says nice guys finish last? He seems very number 1 to me. Hehe. (Not as number 1 as my boyfriend, Josh, though, of course. HI LOVE!)
  • This scene. <3
  • How Jennifer Connelly and Lily Collins both have thick eyebrows. Like mother, like daughter indeed! Hehe!
  • How the movie was stringed along by two consecutive Thanksgivings and how it helped me see how far they’ve all come. 
  • The good lessons I learned from it. I know it sounds very elementary-like to ask what the moral lesson is in the story, but for me, that’s what good movies are about. You stay still for about two hours with no distractions (hopefully) and you open your heart to the possibility of it teaching you something new. If not, at least the possibility of it reminding you about something you already knew but just happened to forget about. 
  • Speaking of good lessons, it gave me a different perspective about marriage and what it means to be in one. Usually, when a person asks me what I would do if I found out my partner was cheating on me, I would say I’d leave him without even blinking an eye. But for the first time, I saw the value of what it means to lay down one’s pride, forgive, and even take back people who hurt you. Even if they did so for three long, excruciating years. I’d normally think the marriage was forever stained and messy and “What about their pride?” I ask. “Don’t they want to leave some for themselves?” But for the first time, I saw the potential of that kind of relationship and love being beautiful again. After all, there’s no beauty like grace and redemption.
  • "You make me feel less cynical." Because sometimes, a glimmer of hope is all you need. :)

What I didn’t like about the movie:

  • The title. 
  • Nothing more.